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Solvent Air Badge Testing

Passive Air Sampler Badges OSHA sets a PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) on solvents that require a company to keep employee exposure for toxic solvents under the set limit for an eight hour work day. The exposure limit for each solvent can be found on the MSDS sheet.

Tech Chem offers the complete service to monitor and quantify the exposure limit for nearly every solvent used in today's industry. Tech Chem makes it simple and low cost and allows your company to know the exact exposure your employees are receiving from the solvent which will assure your company that your workers are complying to safety requirements.

1. We send you a sampling badge that the employee wears for eight hours.

2. Overnight the used badge to us and we will do a full lab analysis and give you the ppm exposure

Solvents to test ____Trichloroethylene _____Perchloroethylene

_____Methylene Chloride

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Continuous Air Monitoring Instruments

Photo Ionization Detector

Measure ppm readings of solvents like trichloroethylene, perchlorethylene, methylene chloride, to name a few.  This PID is the world’s first and only pocket sized data-logging Photo Ionization Detector (PID). Its small size brings the "broad-band" capabilities of the PID/VOC detector to a personal level for 10 hours of continuous and instantaneous monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This PID is a very convenient tool that alarms to warn of excessive exposure. Applications include VOC threshold detection in HazMat, environmental cleanup, or industrial applications.

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